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BATMAN RACEBENDING The Robin Legacy: requested by anonymous

Keahu Kahuanui as Dick Grayson 
Harry Shum Jr. as Jason Todd
Tyler Posey as Tim Drake
Nathalie Emmanuel as Carrie Kelley
Zoe Kravitz
as Stephanie Brown
Arsalan Ghasemi as Damian Wayne
Cykeem White as Duke Thomas

Note: I totally blame Abbie for getting the ball rolling on this since I was only supposed to cast Dick Grayson in the beginning. I still like the idea of an all POC Robin lineup, especially since there were originally only three POC Robins in the comics and of course I couldn’t leave out the female Robins. The Robins aren’t a “white boys only” club anymore.

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Here Comes The Anxiety
The Wombats
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Another superhero sketch: Batgirl. It was a lot of fun to draw.

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I’m obsessed with this quote. Can you tell?

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celebrity bruce headcanons just keep coming to me IM SORRY

  • doing the rounds on talk shows and appearing on graham norton only to be shown countless viral videos of dick and cass 
  • a death hoax appearing on tmz unfortunately around the time bruce ‘died’ in canon and tim having to refute it like ‘ahaha no, bruce, dead? no no these are tears of laughter no he’s okay :( :( :(‘ 
  • being spotted out with hal jordan and the next day there are hundreds of headlines about bruce fucking his personal pilots 
  • to compete with competitors bruce released a batman inc app that plays like the kim kardashian game but you have to increase your hero level instead of celebrity
  • wayne industries made 100 million extra that year due to the games popularity
  • tommy elliot finds it amusing to pretend to be bruce and take ooc selfies with fans
  • no matter what anyone says about brucie wayne he donates more money to various charities and causes than any other celebrity
  • probably got offered playboy but turned it down because ‘what if someday batman loses his shirt and somebody links it to that photoshoot i did’
  • his pr made bruce get twitter to keep up with the kids and everybody expected it to be drivel but it’s actually filled with really important facts and statistic and if anything big happens in the dcu but the media ignores it bruce will tweet about it until a paper just has to pick the story up (if nobody does he calls clark or lois)
  • bruce is so protective of the women he’s dated to keep up his playboy image and if any interviewer ever tries to shame them or call them ‘sluts’ he will shut that down
  • paparazzi candids of bruce being a good dad
  • he’s a biromantic asexual and always attends pride events even though his pr tried to stop him because wayne industries stock always lowers when he does (he fired that pr shortly after)

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Why representation of POC is important, a three generation trillogy


A young black girl decided to not bleach her skin after seeing the success of Lupita Nyong’o.

Lupita Nyong’o was inspired to be an actress after seeing Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple.

Whoopi Goldberg realized she could BE an actress after seeing Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek

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Quickie Wonder Woman and Batgirl mash up doodle for Sketch Dailies. - Wonder Woman will always be 7’ tall with the thighs of Chun Li in my head.

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Wonder Woman, Interagalactic Pirate (Wonder Woman v.2 - 069)

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Comic books, feminism, and Jason Todd, oh my.
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