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Looking for a Dick Grayson


My RP partner, Barbara Gordon, and I are in desperate need for a Dick Grayson for our Zombie AU. The RP is paragraph based, about Dick, Jason, and Barbara on the road during a zombie apocalypse. Message me or my partner if you’re interested :)

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Wonder Woman #32

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Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

before she was replaced by a white woman because batman was going to start going out with catwoman and the producers didn’t want a white man and a black woman flirting on television

Actually she was the last Catwoman in the series….sooo…

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Harley Quinn Art
By: Bruce Timm

‘“I just wanna live a normal life without some cop always pouncin’ on me..”

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I need infinitely more stories containing bisexual characters figuring out that they’re bisexual. Having that would have made my life much easier when I was figuring it out because that shit is confusing!

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Women with a PhD in Badassery [14/91→ Koriand’r (Starfire / Princess Koriand’r / Kory Anders / Nova)

"My world was conquered… I’ll not let that happen to this planet, too. You can’t understand— I won’t let this planet die!"

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favorite female characters 

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Comic books, feminism, and Jason Todd, oh my.
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